Tuesday, 27 September 2016

All quiet on the Liverpool front?

Dear followers of this blog,

Ever read: All Quiet on the Western Front.


To Serve them All my Days.


They are two very different novels about World War 1.

Which was not the war to end all wars......

A century later,

Mental Health HQ in Liverpool, Sydney, which is responsible for public mental health community and hospital services for the mentally ill, mentally disordered and also often substance addicted youth and adults and other poor souls with nightmare pasts and or childhoods has long been regarded by journalists and others.......actually regarded in practice and nicknamed in sad laughter, THE FORTRESS.

Almost all the hard working nursing and medical staff in mental health in this large slab of Sydney are not to blame for Liverpool mental health HQ being rightly known and regarded as

"The Fortress".


People, workers are human and make mistakes.

The vast majority of mistakes are momentary lapses of judgement under often hard and stressful working conditions, for example.

But! Another example,

Should any mental health nurse or " clinician" in the quite well funded and well staffed sleepiest wealthy deep south tip of this network stuff up long term with consequences for quite unwell and vulnerable people that were literally tragic and avoidable then having such an individual held accountable is almost impossible..........


Given half a chance the hierarchy at Liverpool would happily boot their lowly colleague  out or throw him under a bus etc were it not for the fact that when over past two plus decades an individual in Bowral blunders so badly for so long either as an individual or small town team leader etc that legal action is not only possible but totally warranted then such a rare individual is protected by Liverpool hierarchy

Aka the Fortress.


Because the family of a client who may have suffered terribly in a variety of ways cannot 99.9% of time take legal action or even obtain a proper acknowledgement of error or apology in WRITING is because one must take action against the institution or department for employing such a rare disgrace to any health care profession..........

Mental Health HQ in Liverpool, Sydney is to many wronged suffering and occasionally deceased human beings as

Many so called Christian churches have been to victims of sex abuse.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Why I will never be a leader

I am now past 50.

It took me about 40 years of episodes of serious reading to have the knowledge repeat knowledge from reading that best political advice comes from Machiavelli.........

For a Prince, general, officer, president or pm it is good and best to be BOTH feared and loved..........

But if it must be ONE than it is better for any leader to be just feared...........

A true leader can know this at 20.

Maybe without ever reading a book........

Maybe without even being able to read......

This blog may now rest a bit for weekend break.


An anon quote for the day:

"A jealous woman is capable of better research etc than the FBI."

How lucky is Australia or how grateful we should be to God to be here.

"As you waste your breath
Complaining about life,
Someone out there
Is breathing their last.......

Appreciate what you have
Be thankful and stop

Live more,
Complain less.
Have more smiles, less stress,
Less hate, become more blessed."

Anonymous Believer.

How to pass philosophy at most western universities:

- spend a little time on Plato and Aristotle.

- ignore Augustine and Aquinas or read wiki re them on train.

- spend even less time on any Muslim or Jewish philosopher.

- with the exception of Machiavelli, spend a week on half dozen atheist philosophers post Descartes.......... Marx, Sartre and Russell for example........

- that should guarantee at least a pass..

- BUT! to achieve a pass with distinction, even high distinction, one must at all costs:

Express no believe in God.

Never attempt to be original.

But now for the hardest task!
Learn the art of regurgitating in your own words the views of mostly mediocre over paid wankers..........sorry, your tutors and lecturers in philosophy.


"Public Servants"

Quote of the day:

" most bloody so called public servants get damned good wages for what can often be a dole lifestyle..... "

I am sure my friend was not talking about tough suburbs in Melbourne or south west Sydney, for example.........

"..........OK.....but about 90% of rest of f$%&ing country!!"

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Happy wife equals happy life!

A good message for the day?

Not Muslim nor Christian nor Jewish........

But universal or

One of the best traditions of all 3 monotheistic faiths or any far eastern belief system as well?

But "happy wife, happy life" was told to me by a Muslim man I respect.